Terms and Conditions

We strongly suggest that you read and understand our standard Terms and Conditions. Please contact Online Training Courses if you have any questions relating to these terms.

  1. Online Training Courses reserves the right to change any of the prices, service or other particulars contained on the Online Grammar Course website at any time.
  2. The Online Grammar Course allows the user three months for completion. After this time has expired, the user will be prompted and must purchase a time extension to proceed with the course.
  3. Online Training Courses reserves the right to change or amend the course content at any time.
  4. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Online Grammar Course, you are entitled to full refund within 7 days from the purchase date, however if you have already started the Online Grammar Course then no refund is possible. Refunds outside of the 7 days are also not possible.
  5. By verbally agreeing on the telephone or ticking the relevant box on the website you are agreeing to accept all these conditions. The person who signs the booking form does so on behalf of all the individuals included on it, so that all are bound by the booking conditions.
  6. Online Training Courses adheres to the Data Protection Act 1988.